Friday Photo: City Scape

6 Dec

Friday Photo: City Scape

This is the view from my window in my apartment in Seoul. I love that you can see I am surrounded by mountains.


Friday Photo: Lions on a Perfect Weather Day

28 Nov

Friday Photo: Lions on a Perfect Weather Day

It has been getting pretty cold here in Seoul. It has dropped well below the freezing point already. While I don’t mind the cold, sometimes it is nice to think of warmer weather. I took this photo at the Seoul Zoo this fall on a class trip. It was one of those, “This is my perfect temperature days!” Also, the lions are looking very regal.


Friday Photo: Hongdae Architecture

27 Sep
Friday Photo:Hongdae

This is the front of a bar in an area popular for it’s nightlife. Hongdae is near Honkik University, known for it’s art college. It has so many unique shops, restaurants and clubs. At any given time you might stumble upon a street performance or a festival. I always have a fun time in Hongdae.

This picture was taken in Hongdae area of Seoul, South Korea.  I feel like I escape Seoul whenever I come here.  Some of the city can become repetitive, many of the buildings look very similar.  Seoul does have it’s own unique beauty and I respect that it has been built from the ground up relatively recently.  Hongdae is a necessary escape from familiarity.



Hongik University Station, Line two or Airport Railroad


Friday Photo: The S. S. Kyle

20 Sep

The S.S. Kyle is a permanent fixture in the town of Harbour Grace Newfoundland. She ran ashore in 1967 and despite various owners and efforts to preserve her as a museum she has been a permanent fixture in the harbour ever since.

Friday’s posts will be dedicated to posting my favourite pictures from my life and travels.  The first Friday Photo is from a small town in Newfoundland called Harbour Grace. 

This is the S.S. Kyle in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, Canada. This ship ran ashore in 1967 and has been there ever since. She was built in 1912 in England and was used to ferry passengers between Carbonear, NL (a neighbouring town to Harbour Grace) and Labrador, NL. She was also used to transport soldiers during WWII from Newfoundland to Canada (Newfoundland was not a part of Canada until 1949) and was used as an icebreaker.

Harbour Grace, Newfoundland was  where the pirate, Peter Easton, operated from, as well as where Amelia Earhart departed on her trans-atlantic solo flight in 1932.