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Friday Photo: Lions on a Perfect Weather Day

28 Nov

Friday Photo: Lions on a Perfect Weather Day

It has been getting pretty cold here in Seoul. It has dropped well below the freezing point already. While I don’t mind the cold, sometimes it is nice to think of warmer weather. I took this photo at the Seoul Zoo this fall on a class trip. It was one of those, “This is my perfect temperature days!” Also, the lions are looking very regal.


Notes on Sharing a Laugh

29 Sep
When I saw this picture in Hongdae, Seoul I giggled like a little girl.  It is so simple.

When I saw this picture in Hongdae, Seoul I giggled like a little girl. It is so simple.


When I research a trip or a place I will visit trip advisor, tourism websites and blogs to plan what I am going to do.  I always want to see the big attractions.   I love museums, art galleries and if it says UNESCO somewhere on it, I will probably go.  These are the kinds of things that draw me to visit a place.

There is something special about some places that draws people in from all around the world.  Visiting somewhere as mysterious and Stone Henge, or as vast as the Grand Canyon are the types of experiences that many people in the world have in common.  There are the people who have visited, the ones who will visit and the ones who wish to go, but never will.

There are other experiences that can unite people from all around the world without having to leave home, like enjoying a beer or wine with good company.  Some aspects of culture are so old that they are shared all over the world.  They remind us that somewhere down the line we are all connected.

Laughter is universal but he idea of humour changes.  We are united and divided.

I went to an English comedy show in Seoul last night.  There were people from all around the world.  The comedians were a combination of Canadian, American and Saudi Arabian.  The audience was small and even more diverse than the talent.

We all laughed. We found things in common, we were all travelers.  Many of us had some of the same experiences of integrating into a new culture.  I have become aware that you will be hard pressed to find a traveler that doesn’t have a funny story in a taxi.

Usually it’s not the big attractions that are my fondest memories, but the interactions with the people that I meet that I remember.  I good laugh is always memorable.


Friday Photo: Hongdae Architecture

27 Sep
Friday Photo:Hongdae

This is the front of a bar in an area popular for it’s nightlife. Hongdae is near Honkik University, known for it’s art college. It has so many unique shops, restaurants and clubs. At any given time you might stumble upon a street performance or a festival. I always have a fun time in Hongdae.

This picture was taken in Hongdae area of Seoul, South Korea.  I feel like I escape Seoul whenever I come here.  Some of the city can become repetitive, many of the buildings look very similar.  Seoul does have it’s own unique beauty and I respect that it has been built from the ground up relatively recently.  Hongdae is a necessary escape from familiarity.



Hongik University Station, Line two or Airport Railroad