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Happy Holidays from New Zealand!

29 Dec


The lovely view from my accomodations in Auckland. I am just relaxing after a 3 night tour around the Northland. I have 700 photos to sift through and tons of detailed notes to relay into posts.

As a short preview of what I have done so far: riding in a city bus on a really long beach, went sledding on sand dunes, saw glow worms in a cave, and ate the best hamburger I have ever had in my life.

Each of these activities and more deserves its own post. New Zealand has been a blur of activity, fun and awe so far.

Just wanted a quick update and a photo to make up for my lack of posts. I have lots of pictures and activities to share in the upcoming weeks!

P.S.  My first impressions of New Zealand. The airport was a lovely experience, everyone was friendly, efficient and laid back. We got through immigration in record time al, the while feeling no sense of urgency. We were welcomed with smiles and pleasantries. The food has been delicious and fresh wether it be muffins, pies, burgers, eggs whatever. There are lots of green hills, huge trees, cows and sheep. There is an epic beautiful beach around every corner. I honestly think I have been on 10 different beaches in the last 3 days. I am planning my retirement here already.


Friday Photo: City Scape

6 Dec

Friday Photo: City Scape

This is the view from my window in my apartment in Seoul. I love that you can see I am surrounded by mountains.


Friday Photo: Lions on a Perfect Weather Day

28 Nov

Friday Photo: Lions on a Perfect Weather Day

It has been getting pretty cold here in Seoul. It has dropped well below the freezing point already. While I don’t mind the cold, sometimes it is nice to think of warmer weather. I took this photo at the Seoul Zoo this fall on a class trip. It was one of those, “This is my perfect temperature days!” Also, the lions are looking very regal.

Friday Photo: Photographer on the Roof

2 Nov rooftop

I was up on a hill in an old part of Seoul and I saw all of these old rooftops. I love these rooftops, I think they are beautiful.

Friday Photo: Temple on Bukhansan

18 Oct Temple

This temple is pretty high up on Mount Bukhan (Bukhansan, ‘san’ meaning ‘mountain’ in Korean). I took this last year on a hike up during one of the peak weekends to see the fall colours.

I am getting really excited for the fall.  I love South Korea in the fall.  If you ever come visit, you should do it in November so that you can see the fall colours.  The weather is also perfect, it isn’t humid or raining.  The summer heat just suddenly lifts one day and you can wear scarves and boots.  But the best thing about it is the beautiful colours of all the leaves.

Friday Photo: Spout Cove

11 Oct


Spout Cove

I managed to get her to sit still for a minute to take the picture. This might be the only picture she ever posed properly for. She chose well!

Another throwback from Newfoundland.  This one is from a place called Spout Cove. It is an abandoned community but some of the homes look like they are still used as summer cabins.  Up on the hill you can see trenches from old vegetable gardens.  We used it because there was a private beach that was perfect for playing fetch and watching the sea birds.

Friday Photo: Cook up on the Ridge

4 Oct Newfoundland Fall
Newfoundland Fall

There is nothing better than a feed of beans and wieners cooked over an open fire while your dog keeps watch for wildlife.


I love living in the city, but I miss being able to escape civilization as quickly and easily like I could in Newfoundland.  This is my dog and I while I wait for beans and wieners to finish cooking over the fire.  This picture captures so many of my favourite things: Eating outside, cooking over a campfire, eating after a tough hike and my dog.  Most of my favourite things involve transportation and food.  My dog is also amazing and she loves eating as much as I do.  (The dog did make the trek across the world and has adjusted well to her life in Seoul if anyone was wondering)