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Friday Photo: Spout Cove

11 Oct


Spout Cove

I managed to get her to sit still for a minute to take the picture. This might be the only picture she ever posed properly for. She chose well!

Another throwback from Newfoundland.  This one is from a place called Spout Cove. It is an abandoned community but some of the homes look like they are still used as summer cabins.  Up on the hill you can see trenches from old vegetable gardens.  We used it because there was a private beach that was perfect for playing fetch and watching the sea birds.


Friday Photo: Cook up on the Ridge

4 Oct Newfoundland Fall
Newfoundland Fall

There is nothing better than a feed of beans and wieners cooked over an open fire while your dog keeps watch for wildlife.


I love living in the city, but I miss being able to escape civilization as quickly and easily like I could in Newfoundland.  This is my dog and I while I wait for beans and wieners to finish cooking over the fire.  This picture captures so many of my favourite things: Eating outside, cooking over a campfire, eating after a tough hike and my dog.  Most of my favourite things involve transportation and food.  My dog is also amazing and she loves eating as much as I do.  (The dog did make the trek across the world and has adjusted well to her life in Seoul if anyone was wondering)


When you are Homesick – A Song for the Mira

22 Sep
I grew up looking over this river.  It is only a 40 minute drive from my home, but this is where my family would vacation.  We never went much further than here, but we didn't need to.

I grew up looking over this river. It is only a 40 minute drive from my home, but this is where my family would vacation. We never went much further than here, but we didn’t need to.

Living abroad has it’s ups and downs.  I realize that I am very lucky to be living a comfortable life and experiencing new things but sometimes I find myself wishing I was back at home.  I miss the Atlantic ocean and the fresh, clean air.  Mostly, I miss my family.

There are small things I do to ease this feeling.  Sharing stories from home is a favourite.  I like telling people what life is like for me back home.  I love to show pictures.

Another way is through music.  There are certain songs that bring me back home so quickly.  Tom Petty’s Free Fallin, instantly brings me back to my childhood.  My mom had a mixed tape with that song on it that she would listen to over and over.  I think because it was just a mixtape that she had.

I taught a folk song from home to a class of kindergartners last year. I wanted to share something from me, but I think I mostly just wanted to hear it. I want to share it here.

This song is called Song for the Mira by Allistar MacGillvary. The song is about a river in South East Cape Breton called the Mira River.  It has become a famous folk song over the years.

There are a lot of versions to choose from.  I like this clip from the movie Marion Bridge.  The women singing it have lovely voices and I just enjoy the video.

I would love to hear people share songs or rituals that bring them home when they are traveling.


Friday Photo: The S. S. Kyle

20 Sep

The S.S. Kyle is a permanent fixture in the town of Harbour Grace Newfoundland. She ran ashore in 1967 and despite various owners and efforts to preserve her as a museum she has been a permanent fixture in the harbour ever since.

Friday’s posts will be dedicated to posting my favourite pictures from my life and travels.  The first Friday Photo is from a small town in Newfoundland called Harbour Grace. 

This is the S.S. Kyle in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, Canada. This ship ran ashore in 1967 and has been there ever since. She was built in 1912 in England and was used to ferry passengers between Carbonear, NL (a neighbouring town to Harbour Grace) and Labrador, NL. She was also used to transport soldiers during WWII from Newfoundland to Canada (Newfoundland was not a part of Canada until 1949) and was used as an icebreaker.

Harbour Grace, Newfoundland was  where the pirate, Peter Easton, operated from, as well as where Amelia Earhart departed on her trans-atlantic solo flight in 1932.