Sushi Conveyor Belt

29 Oct
Sushi Belt

Guests can sit at the bar while the chefs made sushi and dropped fresh items on to the belt as you eat. There were also lovely ladies who topped up my soup for me whenever I get less than half full.

Sorry for the mini hiatus (I missed Photo Friday!)  Something unfortunate happened last week and I was a little down.  So, in light of cheering up and appreciating all of the positive things in my life, I am going to share something great that happened last week.  Of course, this involves food.

Last week I tried something that has been high on my ‘to do’ list for months: eating at a conveyor belt sushi bar.  In South Korea it is called  회전초밥 (hye cheon cho bap) or revolving sushi.  It was all of my wildest dreams come true.  Yes, all of my wildest dreams involve food.

I went to a Lotte Department store food court to find it.  Lotte Department store is quite fancy and I like eating at their food courts, everything is so pretty there and there is a variety of Korean and International foods.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and saw something that was being brought out to another table and it looked so amazing you had to ask someone what it was so you could order it?  Or more unfortunately, you see something that looks amazing and you have already ordered/received your food and you regretted your decision?  I have done this so many times.  I was also a waitress for years and have seen it happen to a lot of people and my heart always went out for them (you might be thinking that I over think food – if you are I am thinking that you under think it).

The rotating sushi belt was incredible because you could just pick up that plate as it went by.  If it looked delicious, just take it. If you were not too keen to try it, let it pass you by.  You are hungry right away?  Sit down and start grabbing plates.  Eat until you can eat no more, then someone counts up your plates (colour-coded by price) you pay them and then you leave, belly full.

It is brilliant.  There is literally nothing that can put me in a good mood faster than a pleasant meal.  Good company, food, and fast amazing service.

What kinds of things put you in good spirits?


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